Training at Marmen Energy is very important. The first few weeks you work with us will be dedicated to training, whether you are learning a trade or perfecting your skills.

Options are endless for people who want to start a new career. You can become a blaster, a painter, an assembler, a heavy lift truck operator or a machine operator.

On the other side, if you attended trade school or have experience as a welder, NDT inspector or mechanic, we still offer on-the-job training so you keep developing your potential throughout your career.

Questions our candidates often ask about training at Marmen Energy

What kind of training do you offer your employees?

Each job requires on-the-job training. The training depends on your experience, typically lasting 4 to 12 weeks depending on your position.

What if I haven’t been to trade school?

No problem! According to your strengths and interests, many options are available: blaster, painter, assembler, heavy lift truck operator or machine operator. We will start with the basics and provide all the necessary training for your new career.

What happens once I am done with training?

Don’t worry, you won’t be left to your own resources when training is over. Technical support will always be available for you if you need to refresh your memory or if a problem comes up.

Welders represent almost 40 % of our workforce. Here are more specific questions we get about their training:


What kind of training will a welder go through?

The training is customized to you depending on your experience and skill level. Depending on where you are on the welding line, you would first go through 1-2 weeks of training with the welding trainer and then 4-10 weeks of one on one job-specific training.

What does the welding trainer do?

The welding trainer will first teach you the basic welding processes including but not limited to finishing grinding, air arc, and flux core welding. Then you are sent to your specific work station for 4 to 10 weeks to do the position focused training.

If I don’t have any welding experience, can I be a welder?

In some cases, we would train someone with minimal to no experience to be a welding operator. The welding operator is with the welding trainer for 1-3 weeks and then put with their on-the-job trainer for another 4-8 weeks. 

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Updated on December 14th, 2018