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Project management

What if our experts were taking care of every step of your project?

The company offers turnkey solutions including design engineering support and complete management of long-term and complex projects. Multidisciplinary teams with many years of manufacturing and engineering expertise in a wide variety of markets will accompany you throughout your project to ensure its success. We strictly adhere to the highest quality standards and our dedicated staff conducts a rigorous follow-up from the bidding process to the delivery. Our talent and know-how are at your service to turn your vision into reality.

We take care of:



Global vision

We firmly believe that advance and rigorous planning at the beginning is an essential element to optimize the project management and ensure success. Our experts evaluate all aspects of your project in detail and propose the best solutions for a flawless execution. Working with your team, they define an optimal action plan that complies with your requirements, your imperatives and your business objectives. This plan includes, among others:

  • A thorough and complete analysis of the parts design by our engineering team to:
    • Favor the use of automation during execution.
    • Review drawings and plans to ensure the manufacturability of parts.
    • Optimize production costs.
    • Reduce production cycles.
    • Analyze the risks that could compromise the quality and/or delivery of the project.
  • Development of a preliminary schedule.
  • Development of an optimal plan for the supply chain and logistics.

Supply chain and logistics

Our experts at your service

Marmen offers a complete or partial supply chain management service. Imagine no longer having to manage numerous suppliers. Marmen is your sole contact and takes care of everything for you. Our goal is to make your job easier and let you take advantage of our vast global supply network.

Thanks to our diversified expertise and our business relationships with qualified suppliers and subcontractors, you benefit from a reliable and efficient supply chain at competitive costs. Our teams are proactive, flexible and available, adapting to your requirements and specifications. In addition, Marmen is constantly on the lookout for new partners to innovate and bring added value to your projects.

  • Global supply network
    • Raw materials.
    • Steel plate directly from the steel mills.
    • Forged parts (North America, Europe or Asia).
    • Numerous components required for mechanical and electrical assembly.
    • Semi-finished components, special processes, equipment, etc.
  • Mix of competitive local suppliers and reliable international partners to offer several price options and delivery lead times.
  • Ability to manage the complex and high-volume bidding process.
  • Optimal supply chain to obtain the best total landed cost and mitigate risks.
  • Research, audit, qualification and performance monitoring of suppliers.
  • Partial or complete management of the logistics process (DDP).
    • Handling, custom packaging according to the destination and mode of transport. Complex lifting plan.
    • Freight, transportation, and customs.
  • Multimodal logistics to support large projects.
    • Delivery by truck, train and ship all year round.
  • Seamless execution.
  • Cost certainty.
  • Clear communication channels and transparency with the client.



From the beginning and throughout the production, our teams including quality assurance, engineering and planning staff work closely with the production personnel and ensure the proper execution of the project. 

The changes, the challenges or the technical constraints that may arise do not worry us; on the contrary, they motivate us to surpass ourselves and to have a long-term vision. While staying the course, we are flexible when it comes to adapting along the way and always find ways to solve problems with innovative solutions. We never lose sight of our goal, our commitment to you is to produce superior quality parts and meet your project's deadlines. 

Turnkey solutions

Marmen offers complete manufacturing solutions and takes charge of all production operations:

  • Mechanically welded parts of all sizes.
  • Complex machining capability for parts of all sizes.
  • Surface treatment:
    • Blasting, industrial painting and various coatings.
  • Mechanical and electrical assembly: 
    • Hydraulic circuit validation, leakage tests (hydrostatic pressure and/or air), stress tests to validate the design.
  • Non-destructive testing: 
    • Visual (VT), ultrasonic (UT), magnetic particle (MT), penetrant (PT), radiographic (RT), Time of flight diffraction (TOFD), Phase array ultrasonic (PAUT).
  • Dimensional inspection on large dimensional coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and laser tracker.