Mission and values

A team inspired by values

Our mission

Provide the best innovative manufacturing services and expertise;

Be a driving force in ambitious and challenging projects;

And build the world’s industrial future.


Our values

Our strength at Marmen is based upon our teams rallying around five common values that serve as a foundation for all our actions:

Pride – We are proud of the trust our customers place in us, and we make sure we are just as proud of the parts we produce for them.

Innovation – Our customers operate in competitive markets, and our goal is to deliver faster and better. To do this, our teams are made up of ingenious people who know how to innovate and work brilliantly.

Teamwork – Internally, our teams are strong and are built to maximize their efficiency. For our customers, we work closely with their teams and share our knowledge and expertise.

Commitment – We are committed to making your project a great success. We are fully dedicated to achieving your goals.

Honesty – We are transparent. With us, there are no surprises. We keep you informed of the situation. At all times, you know what to expect.

These values are shared by all our team members. They define the quality of our services and our way of interacting with each other, with our suppliers and with you.