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Nuclear power

Nuclear power

Leading OEMs are relying on our expertise and trusting us with their large-scale nuclear projects.

Our expertise in machining, fabrication, mechanical assembly, design and engineering combined with our team’s forward-thinking vision and innovative approach, make us the ideal partner to realize large and long-term complex projects. Customers get direct access to in-depth manufacturing knowledge that we have developed from delivering turnkey solutions to key players in various industries.

Marmen can design, manufacture or refurbish a wide range of components including:

  • Design and build for custom equipment
  • Machining or fabrication of large nuclear fission and fusion components
  • Complex assembly
  • Parts required in the refurbishment of nuclear power plants
  • Nuclear power retirement equipment parts
  • Nuclear waste canister or dry cask storage

Type of parts

Canister, lower shroud, lower head, cryostat, magnet, case, stator frame, weldment, shielded storage container, frame, shell flange, tube sheet, rotor flange, stator cage, LP blade carrier, diaphragm, packing casing, and much more.

Customer-specific solutions

  • Capacity to manage large and long-term custom nuclear projects.  
  • Ready to meet new challenges and grow with our customers.
  • Technical support and a dedicated team with personalized project management.

Our certifications

  • ISO 9001:2015 - Certificate of Registration by Intertek
  • CSA W47.1 – Canadian Welding Bureau – Certificate of Accreditation

Our quality assurance program (QAP) is compliant to CSA N299.3.