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Refurbishing and repair

What if you team up with a partner that will go beyond your expectations?

Refurbishment of parts

Marmen offers a turnkey service for the repair of all types of mechanical parts to put them back in optimal operating conditions. Our services include failure analysis, corrective actions and repair.

Our equipment and our expertise allow us to support parts of very different weights and dimensions, in a multitude of materials such as: alloyed and ordinary steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, aluminum, plastic, titanium, cast iron, rubber and graphite.

What are our refurbishing services?

  • Cleaning of parts
  • Complete disassembly
  • Visual and dimensional inspection of all parts and analysis
  • Blasting
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Machining and repair
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Painting

Marmen performs a full quality audit, provides reports of all tests and inspections and offers comprehensive diagnostic services.

Our markets

With international expertise in high-precision machining, fabrication, mechanical assembly and design engineering, Marmen is a highly regarded manufacturing partner for major OEMs and one of the largest manufacturers of wind towers in North America. For more than 50 years, we have been serving multiple markets, including aviation, oil and gas, hydropower, steam and gas turbines, nuclear power, mining and steel mills, wind power, infrastructure, space, defense and military and many more.