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Hydro - Stator frame

Outstanding assembly


The challenge of this major project was to provide our customer with state-of-the-art expertise for the design and complete manufacture of four 200 tons (200,000 kg) synchronous capacitors, including welding, machining, assembly, stacking and winding. The manual assembly of more than 100,000 plates was also a real challenge for our teams.


We prepared a design review according to ASME standards of a section VIII division I pressure vessel and based on our expertise acquired in previous projects for this same type of part.

For assembly, a special team was formed to work with the client. Then, specific pressure and sealing tests were carried out to ensure the proper functioning of the part.

To meet the customer's schedule, we established sound planning with very precise workflows. In addition, the effective training of our employees to perform specific operations, such as stacking and winding, combined with a 7-day, 24-hour work schedule, contributed to the successful completion of this large project.


The success of this project is the result of the mobilization and close collaboration between several departments at Marmen and the client. We optimized the design of the part to reduce customer costs through the judicious use of a machine fully developed in-house.

All these initiatives contributed to the realization of a large-scale project, delivered on time and with superior quality.