Privacy Policy

Effective as of December 2020.

Last updated: September 15, 2023.


By visiting or using the Marmen inc. and/or Marmen Energie inc (“Marmen”) website (the “Site”), or by otherwise communicating with us, you agree to be bound by this privacy policy (the “Policy”) and you consent to the collection, use, disclosure, retention and disposal of your personal information in accordance with the terms described in the Policy.

You understand that certain features of our Site may no longer be accessible or may be restricted as a result of your refusal or withdrawal of consent to this Policy.

Marmen does not collect personal information from persons under the age of 14 without the express and verified consent of the person having parental authority.


Marmen is responsible for the protection of personal information in its possession, whether it is held by Marmen or by a third party, and regardless of its form (written, graphic, sound, visual, computerized, or other). As such, Marmen shall take appropriate security measures to protect such information in a manner proportionate to its sensitivity and in compliance with applicable law.


By visiting or using the Site or otherwise communicating with us, Marmen may collect certain personal information, including:

  • first or last name;
  • contact information such as address, e-mail address or telephone number;
  • information contained in your curriculum vitae submitted on Marmen’s web platform or any other employment platform;
  • identification and verification data required as part of a security assessment for registration in the Controlled Goods Program;
  • navigation data, including IP address, date and duration of visit, number of visits and pages viewed;
  • communication preferences or other marketing information, such as newsletter subscriptions, comments, survey responses.

Marmen reserves the right to use “cookie” technology to improve the quality of your visit to the Site. A cookie is a tiny database that certain sites store on your hard drive when you visit them. A cookie contains several types of information, including a username that the site uses to track the pages you have visited. A cookie can only be read by the website that sends it to your computer.


Marmen is committed to keeping your personal information accurate, complete and up-to-date. If your information changes, please notify us immediately so that we can make the necessary changes.

To the extent that you are using the Site for job search purposes, you are expressly prohibited by Marmen from using the Site to provide any incomplete, false or inaccurate biographical information or any information that does not accurately reflect your curriculum vitae; impersonate any person; or provide any information that contains viruses, worms or other malicious software intended to damage, harm, covertly intercept or expropriate any system, data or information.

You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for the form, content and accuracy of your curriculum vitae and the information contained therein that you provide to Marmen on the Site.


If you wish to access or obtain a copy of your personal information, or if you would like us to amend any of the personal information we have about you that is inaccurate, you may do so by sending us a written request. You may also inquire as to how this information is used, ensure that it is accurate and complete, and update it, if necessary, to the extent permitted by law.


We ask for personal information for a number of purposes, including:

  • Establishing your identity;
  • Communicating with you;
  • For internal purposes, including the registration and evaluation of job applications;
  • Producing statistics;
  • Responding to application forms filled out on the website;
  • Sending newsletters;
  • Improving the Site to better meet your needs;
  • Collaborating with regulatory bodies;
  • Meeting provincial privacy legislation requirements.

Marmen uses strict security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, loss, theft, or any other breach of security. The information we collect is protected by technological security measures that are reasonable in light of their sensitivity.

Physical and material security measures include:

  • controlled-access offices and locked filing cabinets;
  • restricting access to your personal information to a selected group of people;
  • employee training in cybersecurity;
  • contractual obligations with third parties who require access to your personal information to ensure its protection.

Data security measures include:

  • the use of passwords;
  • two-factor authentication (2FA), where applicable;
  • the use of firewalls and antivirus software;
  • a data backup system;
  • regular updating of operating systems and software;
  • verification of incoming e-mails;
  • restricted access to our data processing and storage rooms;
  • regular review of our security practices;
  • regular upgrading of our technological equipment.

The personal information collected is accessible only to our officers and employees who must access it for the purposes set out in, and in conformity with, this Policy or, to third parties under a contract for services, enterprise, or restricted mandate. In such cases, as previously stated, Marmen will implement contractual obligations with third parties to ensure the protection of information.

Furthermore, Marmen reserves the right to use or disclose personal information if it believes that such use or disclosure is required to comply with its legal obligations, to safeguard its rights, to comply with any order or request of a court of competent jurisdiction, or for any other reason provided in the law authorizing or requiring the disclosure of personal information.

Your personal information may be accessed or stored by our business partners outside Quebec.


You may modify or withdraw your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information at any time by sending written notice to the person responsible for access and protection of personal information (the “Privacy Officer”). You understand that certain functionalities may no longer be accessible or may be restricted following the withdrawal of your consent to this Policy.


If the purposes for which the information was collected have been fulfilled, Marmen will securely destroy or anonymize the information as permitted by law in order to use it for serious and legitimate purposes, subject to a retention period stipulated by law.


The content of this Site is the property of Marmen or is used by Marmen in accordance with a license and is protected under the trademark and copyright laws of Canada and other applicable jurisdictions. The only authorized use of the Site is to obtain information about Marmen. Any modification or copying, reproduction, display, performance, or retransmission of part or all of the contents of the Site is strictly prohibited. All text, photographs, graphics, audio and video components appearing on the Site shall not be published, broadcast, rewritten for broadcast or publication or redistributed directly or indirectly by any means whatsoever.


Certain names, words, titles, phrases, logos, designs, graphics, icons and trademarks displayed on the Site may constitute registered or unregistered trademarks of Marmen or used under license. Unless authorized in writing, any use of trademarks appearing on the Site is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Marmen. The names, trade names and trademarks of any third party, including those of Marmen's customers or customers of Marmen's affiliates, may appear on the Site. All such names, trade names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and may only be used with the consent of their respective owners. Unless otherwise specified, it is a violation of the Trademarks Act to download, retransmit, reproduce or modify any trademark appearing on the Site.


The Site contains links to websites operated by third parties. These links direct you to companies or organizations that Marmen believes may be of interest to you. These websites are not under the control of Marmen, which is not responsible for the content of these other websites, or any hyperlinks contained therein. The presence of these links in no way implies that Marmen endorses the content found on these third-party websites. Access to any other website from or to the Site is at your own risk. Marmen makes no representations about the privacy practices, content or accuracy of information found on such third-party websites. Any reference to third-party websites is subject to the terms of use of those sites.


Use of the Site does not convey any ownership, license or other right in the intellectual property or any other right that may exist or hereafter arise in any portion of the Site or its contents. Marmen reserves all rights not expressly granted herein.


The Site and its contents, as well as the related terms and conditions of use, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Quebec and the laws of Canada applicable therein, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law. In the event of any dispute or controversy relating to the Site, you and Marmen hereby agree that the courts of the Province of Quebec shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine any such dispute or controversy. If you are accessing the Site from outside the Province of Quebec, you are responsible for compliance with the laws of the jurisdiction from which you are accessing the Site. Use of the Site is authorized only in jurisdictions where all of these terms and conditions of use are applicable.


Any determination by a court that any provision hereof is void or unenforceable shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any remaining provisions hereof.


Unless otherwise specified, these terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between Marmen and you with respect to your use of the Site. These terms and conditions shall supersede all prior agreements, understandings, negotiations and discussions, whether oral or written, between you and Marmen. There are no representations, warranties, terms or other agreements, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, between Marmen and you with respect to your use of the Site, other than as specifically set forth in these terms and conditions.


Marmen reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate your access to the Site and related services or any component thereof at any time without notice.


Marmen reserves the right to make changes to the Policy at any time by notifying its users on this page and/or by sending a notice to the persons concerned through any contact information at our disposal. It is recommended that you consult this page regularly, referring to the date of the last modification. If the modifications affect the initial consent, Marmen will obtain a new consent from the user, if necessary.


Any person concerned by personal information collected, used, communicated or retained by Marmen may file a complaint with the Privacy Officer. Complaints must be made in writing and must indicate the nature of the facts complained of, the date on which the incident occurred, and the expectations regarding the outcome of the complaint. The Privacy Officer shall acknowledge receipt of the complaint and processes it within a maximum of 20 days.

Marmen investigates all privacy complaints and takes appropriate steps to resolve them. For further information about how we handle personal information, please contact the Privacy Officer at:

557, des Erables Street

Trois-Rivières (Quebec) G8T 8Y8