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Transportation and delivery

What if dedication was part of the delivery?

At Marmen, you can enjoy all-season delivery and we can ship parts of any size, including non-standard parts. Our Canadian plants are strategically located near the US border and are close to major highways, the rail system and port facilities. In addition, the convenient location of our plant in South Dakota facilitates the transportation of towers by truck throughout the United States.

On time delivery

We know your time constraints. We understand that delivery delays have a significant impact, so we make it a point to deliver on time. It’s even a promise.

Simplified logistics

We have implemented simplified transportation logistics to ensure efficient and economical delivery. Your parts, whether large size or not, are packaged to your specifications and delivered on time and efficiently to all corners of the world during any season.

Qualified staff at your service

Whether it’s domestic or international transportation, our staff has the resources and skills to ensure efficient and hassle-free delivery of your parts. We are committed to making the process as simple as possible for you and to do this we put at your service:

  • A team of logistics experts
  • Stowage staff and a team of experienced cargo handlers for all types of transportation
  • Specialized customs staff

Transportation by truck, train and by boat

Transportation by truck
In Quebec as in the United States, our plants are located very close to major highways.

Transportation by train
The train is an efficient and economical means of delivery. We use the rail system efficiently to deliver parts. The railway passes directly inside our Trois-Rivieres plant, which facilitates the loading of non-standard parts. For the transportation of wind towers, the storage sites of our plants in Quebec also have a railway line.

Transportation by boat
We are close to several ports, allowing us to efficiently deliver by boat.

Our markets

With international expertise in high-precision machining, fabrication, mechanical assembly and design engineering, Marmen is a highly regarded manufacturing partner for major OEMs and one of the largest manufacturers of wind towers in North America. For more than 50 years, we have been serving multiple markets, including aviation, oil and gas, hydropower, steam and gas turbines, nuclear power, mining and steel mills, wind power, infrastructure, space, defense and military and many more.