Positions in administration

Collaborate with passionate teams to achieve the goals of your sector in a setting where the company's values are put forward.

Whether you are in Management, Procurement, Accounting, Health and Safety, Human Resources or Quality Assurance, you are focusing your energy and skills with the goal to progress and succeed for yourself and Marmen Energy.

Jobs related to this sector: Manager, Supervisor, Advisor, Administrative Assistant.

Production positions

Develop and showcase your know-how in an extraordinary environment.

In production, you are at the center of the action in a stimulating environment where teamwork is essential. You evolve and hone your skills by participating directly or indirectly in the fabrication, machining or assembly of various parts or in maintenance in an environment where quality is the priority.

Jobs without training related to this area: NDT inspector, equipment or machinery operator, specialized laborer, general laborer, etc.

Jobs with training related to this area: Director, Supervisor, Machine Operator, Welder, Industrial Mechanics, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Industrial Electrician, etc.

Engineering or technical positions

Maximize the potential of our tools and methods in an area where innovation is a daily reality.

We need people who come up with bold solutions that will solve and prevent problems. For the sake of continuous improvement, you challenge yourself, carefully analyze working methods and follow the projects’ most technical aspects.

Jobs related to this area: Engineer, Planner, Project Manager, Technical Agent, Technician, etc.


Bring your knowledge to the next level by sharing your experience with motivated and results-oriented people.

Offered internships vary in duration according to your needs and are all paid. We welcome trainees at the end of their studies in most of our departments, whether for a position in Engineering, Administration or for a technical or production position or other. Many of the interns who showed a winning attitude and sincere interest for the community were able to continue their careers at Marmen Energy.