Personal development

Marmen Energy is a great player,

but above all we're a team player.

Working at Marmen Energy ensures that you will progress along a very stimulating career path. People looking to excel in their work will surely find an enriching environment where they can perfect their knowledge and stand out.

Marmen Energy is nothing without its people. Our team is the key to our success. That's why our hiring criteria is selective. We are looking for people who are passionate about their work, who love to innovate and take on new challenges. Attitude and aptitude are the most important: we will develop the skills together.

Professional development at Marmen Energy

There are great opportunities for advancement at Marmen Energy. With multiple areas to learn and develop new skills, you can find versatility and discover new areas to grow your career.


Marmen Energy offers a stimulating environment that is essential to your progress towards professional growth, a cutting-edge environment that outperforms the competition with its audacity and tenacity.


Our employees have access to various training programs, both internally and externally.


At Marmen Energy we are recognized for the quality of our services, and we make it a point to be successful at all levels and to stay ahead of new ways of doing things and of innovations in our field. We therefore attach great importance to the professional development of our troops. Our Training department designs and manages customized training for the specific needs of the company, and some other courses are offered externally.

At Marmen Energy, there are several learning opportunities available to you to help you develop and perfect your skills, including:

  • Development training
  • Technical training
  • Management and leadership training